10 Signs of Electrical Problems in Home

Why The Awareness of Home Electrical Problems Is Crucial

Not only is your home one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime, but it is also the place where you keep your family safe. Dynamic Electrical Service wants to empower customers, teaching them how to identify common electrical problems. As always, the professionals are available when you need help with electrical services.

What Are The Signs of Home Electrical Problems?

Knowledge is power when understanding the electrical industry. Being able to identify problems on your own can help prevent a disaster, giving you time to call the professionals for help. How do you identify the signs of electrical problems in home wiring or other issues on your own?

Circuit Breaker Problems

The job of a circuit breaker is to trip when a circuit becomes overloaded. By tripping, the circuit shuts itself down, preventing overheating and the potential of fires. If you observe your breakers are tripping constantly, you should consult a professional. Older homes should have their circuit breakers inspected to ensure safety.


Rodents can cause problems within your walls, including your electrical wiring. These pests like to chew on your wiring, so if you see signs of their presence, you should have your wiring inspected.

Electrical Shocks

If you touch an appliance and feel a minor shock or tingling feeling, this is caused by electrical shock. The cause may be due to a ground fault in the appliance or a wiring problem. Electric shock can cause severe bodily damage and should be taken seriously.

Hot Ceiling Fixtures

Checking around the light fixtures in your ceiling can help protect you from a potential fire hazard. Not all fixtures are well insulated, creating excess heat to radiate into the area around the light.

Flickering Lights

When lights flicker, it could indicate a loose or defective light bulb. If changing your light bulb doesn’t correct the issue, you may have a much larger home electrical problem. The best diagnosis would be made by a professional.

Light Switch or Outlet Not Working

If you suspect that you have a broken light switch or a problem with the wiring of an outlet, you will need to have a licensed electrician inspect your wiring. Sometimes a shock can occur when plugging or unplugging an outlet, which can be caused by a faulty device or outlet.

A Burning Odor or The Presence of Sparks

The presence of a burning odor is serious and is an indication of a potential electrical fire. If a receptacle or wires are hot to the touch, the odor seems to be coming from a specific location, or you see sparks, stop the use of these electrical components immediately. Call a professional electrician.

Messy or Tangled Wiring

Aesthetics aside, your wiring will work regardless of appearance. The messy appearance of the wiring signals a wiring problem because it means the electrician who did it may have been in a hurry. When someone is in a hurry, there is a higher likelihood of error. Tangled and messy wiring could be a sign of other electrical code violations and should be inspected immediately.

Outdated Wiring

Much like an outdated circuit breaker can cause electrical problems, the presence of outdated wiring can cause potential problems too. Over time, wires can become frayed or cracked due to age, heat, bending, and corrosion. The older your wiring is, the more potential there is for damage. 

Use of Too Many Extension Cords

For many, extensive use of extension cords is an indicator that your home is not able to handle your electrical needs. You should have enough outlets to handle all of your electronics without the use of an extension cord. Loose cords like these can be chewed on by pets, creating exposed wires that cause many electrical problems inside the home.

Improper Grounding of Flexible Gas Lines

The use of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is the most popular choice to supply gas throughout a home. For safety reasons, a proper ground must be used to avoid disastrous explosions. Electrical surges, such as lightning, can cause damage to the line, making you open to potential leaks or explosions.

Light Bulbs Blowing Frequently

If you want to take part in an exciting round of “how to diagnose electrical problems,” start with your light bulbs. You might not think that these small glass fixtures could cause so many problems, but they are one of the trickiest to diagnose. If you have lightbulbs that blow too often, here are some of the common causes:
  • You are using too high of a wattage
  • Bad wiring on the circuit
  • Insulation is too close to the light
  • Bad wiring on the mains
  • Flickering due to poor connection on the circuit
  • The dimmer switch has too much total wattage for one switch
Isolating the problem can be almost impossible for someone who is not experienced in the electrical industry. You may want to call the professionals for these electrical problems.

Why You Should Call A Professional For Home Electrical Problems

If you ask any professional in the electrical industry, they will advise you to never mess with potential electrical problems on your own. Too many dangers lurk within your electrical systems. Dynamic Electrical Services is a team of licensed professional electricians. When you have electrical problems and solutions are needed, we can help you identify all of your common household electrical problems. Dynamic Electrical Services wants to be your choice for residential electrician service.

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