Where to Find Electrical Wiring Repair in Round Rock, TX

The right type of wiring can keep your home safe, which is why electrical wiring repair is vital if you are experiencing problems or have old wires. When you get above ground or underground wire repair, you can reduce the risk of tripped breakers, electrical shocks, and fires in your home. The electrical wiring repair services from Dynamic Electrical Service can help you update your wiring. Our residential electrician work with any type of wiring.


What Is Aluminum Wiring Repair?

Some homes’ wires are aluminum. If they are not installed correctly, then you may need aluminum wiring repair. Homes that were built between the 1960s and 1970s are more likely to have this type of wiring. Aluminum wiring was preferred because it was low-cost and conducted electricity well. However, this form of wiring can present many risks. Getting aluminum wiring repair can prevent serious consequences later. Here are some of the risks:

Fire HazardCost of InsuranceSpecial Parts
If your aluminum wiring has not been installed correctly, it can cause electrical fires. Water can also damage itSome insurance companies no longer issue policies to houses or other buildings that have aluminum wiring. Even if they do insure the building, the company may charge a high fee or require an inspection.Aluminum wiring requires special parts such as plugs and screws. These parts must be approved to work with aluminum wiring. This means that even the simplest of repairs require working with an electrician.

What Is the Aluminum Wiring Repair Cost?

You will find that the aluminum wiring repair cost is worthwhile for your home or business. Having a fire from faulty wiring will cost you more money than if you had gotten the wiring replaced.

We are located in Round Rock, TX, and also serve Central Texas, including Austin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Bee Caves, and Georgetown, TX. Contact us today for an estimate on what the aluminum wiring repair cost will be for your specific needs.

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